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Get all the info you need to get your website in tip-top condition! Search Engine Farm aims at the average joe trying to get a bit more business and bread on the table. Look through our blog posts and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. Whether you looking at how to get your Google web console up and running or just racking your brain on how to get a few links.

Because digital marketing is hard, the SEO tools alone can set you back thousands! There is no room for error when paying for website rankings, social media, or any other practice you can think of for blogs and websites. Our SEO blog at Search Engine Farm looks to be not just a beginners guide to SEO, but a complete guide!

  • So what is SEO?

    SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for a particular keyword or niche. 

We aim at giving the staring out SEOer, budding business owner or just an avid blogger. We cater to your needs by showing step by step each step of search engine optimization. We will be covering everything from technical SEO to On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. We will be covering all this for free! Buckle up and let us show you how deep the rabbit of Search Engine Optimization really goes…..

That’s right you read above “free” I know this can seem like a kind of a shock. But we at SEF thing think knowledge should be free and available to anyone willing to implement it. SEO is not easy there are 100s of things to look out for. and a real SEO expert has to know a fair bit about hosting, web development and I know we all hate it but HTML code. We would also like to mention that we are proudly powered by our friends at SeekaHost.

For someone starting out it can be daunting. Words like keyword research, content promotion, google webmaster central and marketing strategies. Don’t make it seem any simpler and are made to intimidate you and clients alike. SEO is big money just look at what television ads use to be this is what search engine optimization has taken over. Don’t get me wrong there are good guys out there like Neil Patel or Barry Schwartz who do give the masses some really good tips and advice. But at the end of the day they know 100% they can rank a website. We are left spinning with the few nugs of SEO knowledge they have given us.

  • So how is SEO done?

    SEO is done in a number of ways but the main things are on page optimization (h tags, meta, URL structure, and content). And off page optimization (links, UR – DR, anchor text and citations).

There are some awesome SEO blogs like Search Engine Lands, or Semrushs blog where you can expand your knowledge further but if you’re like me reading through piles of random blog post fillers just is not your style. In my personal experience, SEO books are the best place to start for example The Art of SEO by Eric Enge is a really good one! And I know some of you will say link building strategies, responsive design, SEO research, and search engine optimization tactics, in general, have changed a lot in 10 years… I would agree with you 100% usually. But my SEO is all about the foundation. And the foundation of SEO stays the same no matter how many Google algorithm updates there are.

In my general experience in all my years as an SEO expert. No one who has been hit by Google penalties. Or one of the famed Google algorithm updates have ever not had it not coming. We all understand the human urge to do something to get ahead of the competition. But SEO is one of those things where the turtle is faster than the hair. Content marketers are probably the safest aspect of SEO. Because when all is said and done they are looking for the end user experience as the most important thing. If you have to had the time to check the official guide to Googles search engine optimization. You would see of all SEO mistakes not having the end user in mind is a recipe for disaster.

We at Search Engine Farm have a combined SEO experience of about 25 years. We are always testing the newest methods, tips, and tricks in the SEM rush to perfect optimization. Because at the end of the day the big guys know how to keep there costs down and rankings up with there endless testing and optimizing. We want to share some of that info with the little guy, we can all prosper on the internet! We just wanna help make the internet a better place.