How to SEO Outreach?

How to SEO Outreach?
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Search Engine Farm – How to Outreach

SEO Outreach

Search engine optimization is first and foremost started by keyword research. With the right keyword research, you have a solid base for finding other like-minded or similar websites. When you have properly done kw research you can find the right authorities in your niche.

So how is outreach done?

Well, first of all, you find all the websites related to the top ten keywords in your industry. Next, you put them in an excel file. Once you have made a list of about one hundred websites, your task moves to find their emails. Then, you check all the websites for contact pages. If no email is found then the next step is to check their social profiles for emails. If you still can’t find their email next step is to check email hunter. Once you have acquired the said email comes the actual out-reaching involved in outreach.

Sending a personalized email offering content is probably the best way to go. If you can find a name it is even better. If you can find a competitor already in a list or in content. This is a great place to start as you can ask to be included as well. Another great way to go is finding broken links example: competitor who has moved to a new domain and forgot to redirect it leaving you his hard earn links laying around. Just write content similar if your having trouble finding out what this was you can you can use way back machine. Then contact that site owner explaining there link is broken an you have a replacement waiting!

In conclusion, there are many ways to acquire links, from quality content creation to building citations but here we have focused on good old fashion SEO outreach. This is not difficult to do and give your search engine ranking a super boost. A good tip from the pros is make sure your backlink profile looks natural as possible make sure your anchor texts are not too long.