What is Link Building?

What is Link Building?
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How To Link Build?

A link or hyperlink is an object that can allow you to jump from one site to another when you click or tap it. You can find link almost on every webpage and provides a bridge between other sites to your own or the other way round, in other words, it’s a way for users to navigate pages on the internet. The link is usually attached to images, text or some other HTML elements.

They can be any color if they are customized using HTML or CSS styles, but most of them are blue because that is a standard color of the web browser. Links are the big part of SEO, many SEOs tend to agree that this is the most challenging part of their job and spend most of their time trying to do it the best they outreaching to other sites! If you can master high-quality link building and anchor texts creation to you put yourself ahead of your competition and other SEOs.

There is two type of links relative and absolute links.           

The relative link means that it doesn’t include the domain name. Instead, the link is connected to the current website. If a link starts with a forward slash the path begins with the root directory if not the path is related to the current URL.

The absolute link includes a domain name! This kind of link is needed for external links, witch direct you to another site. They usually begin with “https” or “htpp”, they may also begin with two forward slashes.   


It’s known fact that build link is a most important skill in SEO! In other terms to understand SEO, you need to understand how link building for SEO works. To understand howling buildings works and how links are created, how search engines see it and what they can interpret from them.

There are two important ways that search engines use site links:

•    To finds new web pages

•    Help to discover how well the page should rank

 When a search engine has crawled pages they can collect important content of and add it to their index. This is the best way to make sure if a page is a sufficient quality to be ranked well for wanted keywords. The big important is to know that the search engine does not look just at links pointing to pages they also pay attention to numbers of the link and the quality of those external websites. In other words, the better the quality links you have the better you be ranked in the search result, this is essentially what link signals are. High quality links also help in the online marketing of your website. People are much more likely to buy your product or service if they have seen it on a website they trust or use regualy.

Links can be do-follow and no-follow.

Do-follow is HTML objects that can allow you to search bots and follow links. If a link does follow search engine bots and others can follow you. This really can benefit your website and get you on the top page rank. This is the basis for all SEO strategies and a good quality marketing stratergy.

In this kind of links, Google is making sure to takes note and of do follow links and find out how many users are linked to your page in order to get how good page is. Important thing is to get as much you can follow links the more points you get.

No-follow links can also be good for SEO! Most users this tag not to follow unwanted content. This links usually belongs in blogs, forums, paid links comments and some untrusted content. Google has tracking of count nofollow links to boost PR for your page. But most important is quality if links but it also it deepens where links are placed. If you place at the front of your text instead of the bottom of your page it will give you more impact.

How to know the difference between dofollow or nofollow links.

First, there are a few ways to make difference.

1.    With right click on the page and click “view source” it will appear screenshot. Then after that in the source code, you need to press Ctrl+F and also search for your site name and comments on your screenshot. And then finally you can check the type of link it is.

2.    There are so many useful extensions from Chrome to Firefox and that will instantly tell you whatever links are dofollow or nofollow!

It’s very important to know that facts are you need as many you can gather dofollow links. The best way to do that is to create originally and quality content. It will almost instantly attract traffic and makes it shared and linked in a natural way.

But when you focusing on creating a good link profile, you should try to get a healthy balance between dofollow and no follow links. You need to understand links are equally important in SEO.


So you want to start building your backlink profile, or rather you have to build your backlink profile. This can be a daunting task especially if you look at the competitors and see they are on 1000+ backlinks. I’m here to tell you not to worry they might have 1000000000000 backlinks if they are not quality targeted backlinks they can be beaten by 10 true blue real high-quality backlinks. These can’t be found without proper keyword research done first and a link building strategy in place, there are a few link building methods but well just stick with the main one outreach.

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO, if your site is new don’t shy away from easily obtainable links, they help you get out of the sandbox with google. But getting high-quality links are the true game changer. As you see with proper backlinks you are not getting just link juice you are getting brand and website exposure. You are obtaining passive traffic and showing the search engines you have something valuable to provide to that community. Not many people know but, passive traffic, social signals, and even comment links help with SEO, the best way to do this is outreach.

Now how do you get these so-called high-quality backlinks? Well, in short, the best way is to put on your email charm and email all the highest authority website in your niche, offering (nicely) to get some content placed on their site in exchange for a backlink this is called outreach.

There are lots of methods another one is building high-quality content and waiting for the right sites to link to you. Another piece of integral advice is to stay away from PBN’s, the privet blog network as a ranking method days are numbered. Even today if PBNs have not been created properly your website and investment is in real risk. Building PBNs is not cheap and buying links from cheap PBNs is not safe, either of which is why I don’t recommend using them at all. We at Search Engine Farm tend to stick with white hat links, and avoid grey hat and black hat at all costs.

Finally look to bring quality content creation to the people you are getting backlinks from, think of it basically as sending out a representative for your business. You wouldn’t send them out illiterate and looking anything but there absolute best, this is why spending the extra time/money on content is important. At the end of the day, the whole point of getting backlinks is not just about boosting ranks it’s about getting the right people to your website/business. As a well-weathered SEO will know Content Is King, this leads to
link exchanges, content promotion and a whole host of goodies.

At the end most important tip on link building vs link “earning’’.

And the importance of having web-page worth of linking to!

First thing first even before you start building links, you need to have something of value to build links to. Most usually it’s a homepage of your website. Usually, you build links to specialized reassures such as blog posts, tool, research study…  Sometimes they may exist long before you started to link build campaign. Or other times you create those. It’s very difficult to link build with low-value webpages. But if you start with something truly valuable that people find useful link building is much easier. Some of the keyword tools we use are keywords everywhere pluginSEMRush and Ahrefs.